Monday, November 5, 2012

Flowers in November !

With the passing of the cold rainy days since Hurricane Sandy I thought that the garden would be no more. But I was wrong. Here in southern Ontario we got the outer vestiges of the hurricane, mainly rain and wind. Some small tree branches came down (no more than any other storm) and of course the leaves. It has been cold, damp and soggy underfoot. This gardener shies away from the garden under those conditions. Yet surprise surprise there are still a few flowers in the garden to lift the spirit.

My new garden created this spring is the only one with flowers in bloom

As you see I still have blooms of bleeding hearts (Dicentra eximia),

Gaura lindheimerii, Whirling Butterflies

 and not so terribly surprising spiderwort (Tradescantia) 'Sweet Kate'.

 Up until early October I also had some yellow primroses in bloom. The Sweet Kate I say is not so surprising only because it has not stopped blooming since I planted in as a new plant in April. Not a drop of fertilizer added to her water, just good soil amended with manure upon planting. I say Go Girl.


  1. We too did not suffer from the recent storm. Now we are getting 65° weather on Sunday, but many of the flowers have been set back. Oh well, that is to be expected. My Tradescantia did not rebloom this year.I do like your blue plant. Mine is like a rose color.

  2. When Sandy was being reported, we were having our year-end monsoon season with heavy rains every day. The snails are having a great time in my garden, they seem to love the rainy season. Glad Sandy was nice to Ontario.

    1. Sorry to hear about the over abundance of snails. I guess it is not enough rain to drown them? Thanks for visiting Autumn Belle.