Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What do You do when you run out of photo storage ?

it is hard not understanding how some things work.

I have run out of storage for my photos and am trying to figure out what to do next. Yes, google says I can pay for extra storage, but it also says I can get additional free storage of 5 GB on google drive. So I install google drive, save my photos in a folder within and do what I believe I need to do to get these photos in my post. But of course it does not work.

My question to you is, what do you do to increase your storage for photos and video?


  1. Jeżeli w postach są zdjęcia o rozmiarach powyżej 800x600 pikseli, to możesz je pomniejszyć i ponownie wprowadzić do postów pomniejszone. Wiem, to zajmuje sporo czasu, ale działa.Ja mam nawet mniejsze niż 800x600 pikseli. Czytałam też u innych o zapisaniu się do Google+, co daje nową przestrzeń do zdjęć. Powodzenia w działaniu. Pozdrawiam.
    If the posts are photos of the sizes above 800x600 pixels, you can make it smaller and re-enter the net posts. I know it takes a lot of time, but it works. I have even less than 800x600 pixels. I read it in other to save to Google+, which gives a new space for pictures. Good luck in acting. Yours.

  2. Patty there are a couple of things you can do ... buy an external drive (I did because I have a lot of full sized pictures I may want to print off at some stage of the game) .. this is the best method really because then you don't have to down size photos you love but you are not sure what you are going to do with them .. Google ? .. I have gotten the warning a few times and what I do is go back to the very oldest ones and delete them because I have them on a CD .. which is another option for you ... save some of your photos on CD .. but .. the external drive gives you the option of going back and retrieving them for a post. External drives can range from like 500G for about $59 or a terrabit for $20 extra which will keep you happy until you are old and gray and can't lift a camera up any more ? LOL
    If I were you ? ... I would get the external drive .. I am really happy with mine !
    Joy : )
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Patty .. love the thought of the Honeysuckle staying alive that long girl !!

  3. Oh my, I'm no help but sure do appreciate the above comments. I haven't gotten the dreaded message yet and am not looking forward to when I do. I'm not very tech savvy I'm afraid. Would love if you'd let us know what you decide to do. Good luck.

  4. I have 2 external drives and a dedicated secondary internal drive. I just had a photo storage issue with my computer on which I did a post. Many people started checking their drives after that. No fun at all.

  5. Joy, Cat, Donna, thanks for your help. I am going to try putting the photos on an external drive. If and when I have success you will know by a new post with photos. Thanks.