Monday, June 24, 2013

Work, Work, Work, summary

As promised in the previous post, I will now give you some idea of what I have been doing this spring in the garden.
I have whittled the bags of mulch down to zero and still have 6 bags of soil left. I thought I had 9 left as I said last post but it turned out it was 13 - anyway, the pile is getting smaller. Some of the soil and mulch went here:

A new bed next to the shed. From left to right is daylily Stella d'Oro, evening primrose, three gillenia trifoliata or Bowman's Root, and some native geranium. The plants in the bed are not necessarily going to be there permanently  except for the gillenia which should take up a fair bit of space in a couple of years. I am thinking of adding a clematis or two against the side. The rock, or really boulder, was already here when we moved in. There was an attempt to move it with a small bobcat prior to putting in the new shed but there is more rock below than above ground level it seems.

Gillenia trifoliata with pink flower buds

Not a pretty picture at the moment. What you are looking at are three snowberry shrubs planted along the fence with some foamflower  that will fill in the area at some point. Mostly you are seeing mulch.

Foamflower -  this one creeps

This is where my native ginger went. Trying to figure out what to plant by the wall was tricky- I didn't want anything too tall that would hide the stonework, especially closer to the steps. So I decided on a ground cover ginger and will plant shrubs or ferns or both behind to help block the view by the fence. I ended up putting down quite a bit of soil as the gingers prefer a more acidic soil and the wall with all its ground rock and gravel base is of course limestone. More soil may be needed to help out, but at a later date.

My new Mountain Maple, Acer spicatum. I am thrilled by the red branches but I assume they will turn grey at some later time. The tree just finished flowering when this photo was taken. Mountain Maple leaves are supposed to turn some variation of orangey-red-purple in the fall.

Two of three Spicebush shrubs, Lindera benzoin. Spicebush are called such as a broken branch will smell spicy. They put out tiny yellow blooms in early spring. My older plant is very blowsy and charming and I hope the three new ones will behave the same.

And the Nannyberry, Viburnum lentago, which may get to 10 -15 feet tall. My Nannyberry is having a bit of trouble adjusting, exhibiting some odd leaf curl, which I think the weather is contributing to - lots of rain.
I have planted many other perennials, transplanted a hemlock I bought last spring and transplanted a tiny pagoda dogwood found on the property. There are still a few plants I purchased that are too small to put in the ground now and so I will baby them along until fall, fingers crossed.

This week is hot and humid and I intend to take it very easy. Keep cool everyone.


  1. You've been one very busy girl. Can't wait for your post when the plants grow in. Don't forget to take a break and enjoy the view of your patio.

    1. Oh I plan to Bom, with something cool in hand to sip while appreciating my handiwork. We are at 30 C today and humid - potentially more thunderstorms on the way.

  2. Looks good! You actually have a slightly different Bowman's Root than I do. It's a newer cultivar from the straight species. I could tell by the pink tinge to the leaves and the pink flowers. I've seen it at nurseries. I'm looking forward to seeing it grow and bloom. It looks like a beauty. I think the ginger by the stone wall will be wonderful. I really like the woodland feel of your garden. :o)

    1. Hi, it's called Pink Profusion. I have the straight species in white too - the more the merrier.
      As for the woodland, it is nice to hear a compliment as I have been working on it for over a decade and most of my hard work is not evident. Kinda like putting that needed roof on the house.

  3. Patty girl I so admire your patience and spacing of plants .. that is one of my worst habits as a gardener .. I plant way too closely .. still can't restrain myself.
    I am jealous of your Gillenia ! .. I missed out on the pink ones from Canning .. but I may get one next year .. making a note about THAT !
    That ginger is going to look wonderful with the stone work.
    I have been waiting for the rain since yesterday .. the heat and humidity yesterday was a killer .. I think we have been spoiled by a long cool Spring ?
    I am waiting to hear when the crew is coming to do our little water feature .. we were hoping it would be in time for Canada Day .. but I don't think so now with wonky weather.
    The great thing about the bugbane and Herbstonne is that the Herbstonne uses the bugbane as support for itself .. it is really rather neat .. so far ? haha
    I do off the wall combinations just to see what will happen a lot of the time .. the kid in me experimenting?
    OK .. I am doing laundry and off to have a shower.
    Fingers crossed for some rain to clear the air !!
    Joy : )

    1. Joy, you must definitely get Pink Profusion next year. And if they don't have any I will send you one.
      I was expecting rain today but so far it is lovely and sunny. The humidity is almost gone too.

  4. Your hard work shows great results, Patty! You have chosen some very interesting plants - some that I have never heard of. I am interested to see how they mature and grow.

    1. Hi Astrid, in case you have not figured it out yet I try to plant natives where ever possible. Most of the plants I highlighted are natives to N.A. and many to our region.

  5. The weather has been less than ideal for gardening. The legions of mosquitoes alone are a huge deterrent. You have made some interesting choices for your garden Patty. I added some ginger myself, but I added the European Ginger because I liked the shinier leaves. Will I regret not choosing the native Ginger?

    1. Hi Jennifer, They are both great gingers and yours will not disappoint. I recently found out there are quite a number of European varieties of ginger and some are gorgeous.
      I am battling mosquitoes too in the shady cooler parts of the garden. And gnats, lots of gnats this year.

  6. Your garden is huge Patty! Now I see why you bought so many plants.